The RFID System is a security and information system that uses RFID cards. Upon entry and exit of personnel and students, a text message is sent to the admin personnel and parents of students informing them what time the students safely entered the school premises and what time the students exited the school campus after dismissal time. The system is also linked to the school year’s enrollee master list wherein the time in and time out are stored in its database for accurate and hassle-free attendance monitoring.

Online Class SMS/Text Notifications

One of the most affected in this pandemic outbreak is education. We will make a way to get an SMS notification like what we offered in RFID System. Parents and Admin still receiving a text message when their child or teacher start on their online class via video conferencing like zoom.

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In today’s era of pandemics, many of us know how to deal with the “New Normal”. How can this situation help us? Due to the Viruses outbreak, more and more companies are embracing its strategy of how we can help our economy grow. This will help some schools or small companies get up and coming up with a lot of changes because of what is happening in our world. Izurtech in turn has been planning and thinking about how to help each other grow their business. These are just a few of the things our company provide to deal with the new normal in our country. How we be sure that our students have joined the invitation sent by their teacher? and how can we know if our teachers have already created an invitation for their class? These are the solutions that might help you in this time.

Graphic Designs

Our team effective graphic artists will use precise colors, typeface, imagery, and schemes to ensure that your customers will have the same visual experience when visiting your website or reading your product brochure.

Web Development

Web development covers a massive range of solutions, most of which are customized to the client’s needs. Depending on the project’s requirements, they can include solutions like web application development, cybersecurity, testing, maintenance, consultancy, and even UI/UX design.

Enrollment & Admission System

Technology has impacted and integrated into every aspect of our lives including the education sector. As we move into the digital age, it is imperative that educational institutes ensure that students and prospective learners receive information about the courses and admission online. Today, most students and parents simply scour the internet for course information and prefer to apply for the courses they are interested in online.

School Management System

An SMS is used for planning students’ curriculums, recording their attendance and managing all student-related needs within a school. School Management systems vary in size, scope, and abilities, from packages implemented in relatively small organizations to cover student records only, to enterprise-wide solutions, which aim to cover most aspects of the operation of large organizations and their online schools with significant local responsibility.

Online SMS/Text Ntifications

Running a School with good communication among everyone is a hectic task. Informing all parents of School students is a big challenge. However, schools need to plan parent-teacher meetings, spend money to print results, waste time in writing reports. SMS Notifications is one such module designed for Schools to alert recipients namely students, parents, guardians, staff/non-teaching staff, and School admin. To reduce paper cost, manpower, and time.

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Direct, fast, and around the clock access to support that will answer your concerns.


These are our portfolio in RFID Systems included Enrollment System, Admission System, and SMS Notifications

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